WHAT'S YOGA?


Although there might be so many widely differint ideas on what yoga actually is, people’s attitudes towards this matter are markedly unclear: someone tends to consider yoga as a sort of training, others as a religion, a philosophy or a lifestyle, a technique for getting through non - ordinary states of mind, a relaxation method or even an esoteric ritual with Oriental origins and so on.
All these possible explanations have a lot in common but unlike all forms of Occidental stretching we adopted so far, what essentially underlies the yoga practice is the opening to the Divine as a final aim. Spirituality coming out of it reveals itself in the ability of feeling and getting acknowledged of the Oneness being part of everything and deeply perceiving the entirety of a flower, as well as of a person or a tree discerning it even when looking at a table or at whatsoever the Creator manifested. So many paths are possible and yoga in water stands for one of them. Yoga is a Sanskrit word whose literal meaning is “to add", "to join", "to unite", or "to attach” what’s
been separated. Body and mind are the first elements in need of a re-connection. The body, as an entity that we skillfully believe to master, and our mind, whose action, well hidden in our head, controls our body.

Woga ® (union between water and yoga) is where our body comes together with the liquid element and our physical structure softens by being in contact with water. Yoga lets us explore our body and feel pleasant sensations, improves our health. Yoga is an inner self-attitude which is profoundly rooted in the Indian philosophical system. It represents someone’s struggle to improve one’s own spiritual presence as well as all material benefits that may occur.
Water, where we moved our yoga practice, is fluid and makes no resistance at all, even when molding into the same shape of the recipient containing it. Similarly, whoever practices yoga should let go of it without ego and get rid of the hectic activity that the mind usually takes on. The two things match one another and result complementary at the same time.
Woga ® practice collects yoga virtues but stances, meditation, connection to the inner self and breathing are carried out in warm water. Woga ® benefits focus on the achievement of a psychophysical balance and of a higher level of concentration.
This technique can be suggested to anyone.


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